History Sugar Dream



Stefan Rusconi: Piano, Space Echo & preparation, choirs

Fabian Gisler: Double-bass, distortion & feed-back, choirs

Claudio Strüby: Drum, tape & glockenspiel, choirs

Release date 10.03.2014


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Having played more than three hundred gigs since their formation in Zurich, Switzerland, RUSCONI has developed a near telepathic understanding of the dynamics that drives their individual muses. Mixing composition with improvisation, and electronic with analogue instruments, they have brought influences as disparate as Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Can, Richard Strauss, Aphex Twin, Paul Bley, Sonic Youth and Nils Wogram to bear on a music that is nevertheless indisputably their own.

“History Sugar Dream” is a celebration of RUSCONI’s anniversary as a band. It is also an exploration of the three members’ memories of a time long before they came together to make music. “This album looks back to our childhood,” says the band. “A time when dreams and hopes, fantasy and illusion, were reality. A time of untrammeled playfulness and experimentation.” Deeply refreshing in its disregard for musical boundaries, “History Sugar Dream” offers a widescreen panoramic view of planet RUSCONI.

1. Finally   2:29
2. Meditation   7:50
3. Ankor   5:13
4. Twisted   2:48
5. Yogya Trip   5:17
6. Change (Part One)   4:48
7. The Return Of The Corkies   3:50
8. Universe Relocated   3:26
9. Chihiro’s World   4:16
10. Sojus Dream   14:50

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