La Fête à Boby

Cover BEE055 - La Fête à Boby

Jean-Marie MACHADO

Jean-Marie Machado: piano & arrangements
André Minvielle: vocals
Danzas ensemble

Recorded by Gilles Olivesi assisted by Alban Ancel-Pirouelle at the studio La Fonderie in Malakoff (France) in April 2012.
Mixed by Gilles Olivesi and mastered by Pierre Vandewaeter.

Release date 11.10.2012


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Jean-Marie Machado & Danzas invite André minvielle for a tribute album to Boby Lapointe.
Body Lapointe, was a French singer from the post war era, noted for his humorous texts, alliterations and plays on words.

In this album tenderly titled La Fête à Boby (Boby’s party), pianist Jean-Marie Machado gives a tribute to Boby Lapointe, this dramatic but also deep poet.

This album gathers some of the biggest success by Boby Lapointe re mastered and mixed with original compositions inspired by his universe.

Jean-Marie Machado has been used to hybrid projects, and for this one he invited André Minvielle, singer, scat man, Occitan slam poet, to join his orchestra Danzas.

Machado and Minvielle invented a « tour de chant », from a new theatrical and ludic kind, offering a second youth to the innovative work of Boby Lapointe, one of the most original author and performer in French singing scene.

La Fête à Boby with:

Jean-Marie Machado:

Pianist and composer with Portuguese and Italo-Spanish origins, Jean-Marie Machado spent his childhood in Morocco. Young adult, his studies music with classical performer Catherine Collard and discovers by himself jazz and pop music.

Since the end of the 80s, he likes to strike original meetings. After the success of the Trio Machado, he composes some essential success of current music scene: Lyrisme (4tet), Andaloucia (6tet), Vibracordes (7tuor), La Main des Saisons (with chorus and solo by Lyon Bernard Tétu), Trio Time, Caminando & Eternal Moments (duo with Dave Liebman).

He regularly works with known artists such as : Paolo Frésu, Ricardo del Fra, Jacques Mahieux, Gary Valente, Nana Vasconcelos, Andy Sheppard, Dave Liebman, Jean-Marc Padovani, Antonio Placer, Martial Solal, Glenn Ferris, Laurent Dehors, Ramon Lopez, Moutin’s brothers, Jean-Philippe Viret, Paul Motian, Jean-François Jenny-Clark…

In 2008, he gathers several jazz soloists and creates a new ensemble: Danzas. Their first album Fiesta Nocturna has been released in 2010 on Bee Jazz; and for this one, Jean-Marie Machado invited André Minvielle for a great tribute to French singer Boby Lapointe.

André Minvielle:

Drummer, scat man, rapper who mixes and moves words and rules, André Minvielle is one of the greatest surprise from the French musical scene of the past few years.

Something striking is happening, without any doubts. Something never heard, anything except conventional, that lights up a smile and gives chills.

From jazz to java, from Gascony to pygmy music, this great artist captures the instant time with an incomparable sense of language and improvisation.

This is all André Minvielle invites you in: a celebration of singing in all its glory. With this troubadour “vocalchimiste”, jazz bangs, waltz, twirl, boat and goes slumming. A great life lesson, essential.


Danzas is the great ensemble created by pianist and composer Jean-Marie Machado. It gathers to best of jazz soloists to explore different musical universes that navigates between jazz and classical music as well as popular music.

Today, the Danzas orchestra created three different by complemantary programs which we can call a trilogy: 1) Fiesta Nocturna, 2) La fête à Boby, 3) Lagrima Latina (to be created in march 2012)


2 TA KATIE t’a quitté – 4:08
3 INSOMNIE – 3:58
4 AUBADE à LYDIE en do – 4:24
5 l’HELICON – 3:51
6 le POISSON FA – 4:32
7 LE VIVANT – 5:33
8 la FETE à BOBY – 6:24
10 J’AI FANTAISIe – 4:40
11 PAPALA – 4:59
12 MELI MELODIE – 7:28
13 PETIT HOMME qui vit d’espoir – 2:16


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