Born at Ploeuc-sur-Lié (Côtes-d’Armor) in November 1957, Eric Le Lann was initiated to the trumpet by his father, a dentist and a dabbler trumpeter. After he obtained his high school degree he decided to settle into Paris where he became a professional musician.

At twenty the young trumpeter already got a great musical personality that led him to rapidly emerging in front of the jazz scenes: In 1979 he won the first prize of the national Jazz competition of La Défense. In 1980, Eric le Lann‘s reputation grew up and he was engaged in the pianist René Urtreger ‘s quintet in the sides of Jean-François Jenny-Clark (Bass), Aldo Romano (Drums) and Jean-Louis Chautemps (Saxophone). In 1980 Éric Le Lann performed a sixty concert dates with the singer Henri Salvador. 1981 was the year where he was invited by the pianist Martial Solal to integrate his Big-Band with which he participated to many European festivals.

In 1982, Eric Le Lann presented his personnal project, a quartet. He invited tree unique musicians: Olivier Hutman (Piano), Césarius Alvim (Bass) and André Ceccarelli (Drums) and released his first album “Nightbird” in 1983. The year after, he won the Django-Reinhardt prize, awarded by the academy of Jazz.

In 1985 he played with the pianist Herbie Hancock, the drummer Billy Higgins, and the saxophonist Dexter Gordon in the movie “Autour de Minuit” directed by Bertrand Tavernier which tells the story of an American jazzman in Paris. Meanwhile he composed the music theme of the movie “Elsa, Elsa” directed by Didier Haudepin.

In 1989 Eric Le Lann created a “Fusion” Jazz band with Louis Winsberg to the guitar and Paco Sery to the drums and recorded his third album “New York” in august 1989.

After this album Éric le Lann performed on stage all over the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East…) through a lot of different musical trainings. During the 90’s his musical repertory went from Jazz “Fusion” to Edith Piaf or Charles Trenet music (in collaboration with Martial Solal) to come back to a more electric jazz with the saxophonist Lionel Belmondo, the keyboardist Jean-Michel Pilc, the bassist Richard Bona and the drummer jean-Paul Ceccarelli, to finally published a new album titled Cap Fréhel. Eric Le Lann performed on tour with this musician training from 1992 to 1995.

Since 2006 Eric Le Lann is performing on stage with Nelson Veras, a young Brazilian wonderful guitarist, to interpret bossas of Jobim but also the great work of Duke Ellington and his own compositions.

In 2009 Eric Le Lann released a quartet album « Eric Le Lann, David Kikoski, Al Foster, Douglas Weiss »   recorded in New-York with great American such as the pianist David Kikoski, the drummer Al Foster and the Bassist Douglas Weiss.